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  • Printing design, technology of printing

    technology of printing, the standard of printing, lithography review, identification of paper and ink, printing and packaging technology economy, technology, bookbinding workshop, offset printing, digital printing workshop, workshop Flskv printing, gravure printing shop...Read more
  • What is game design?

    Interactive art is a form of interactive entertainment or as film, television and theater groups are generated and no one can do as an artist of his own. In fact, most designers do not think they are artists...Read more
  • Fashion Photography is the art

    The government recently organized fashion statement to be issued by ministries and government agencies, the Ministry of Cooperatives, welfare and industries and mines were required to establish...Read more
  • Graphic design reference

    The experts were of the page; compositor title and text with all the details was planned, illustrators, graphic works of any kind of technical charts were prepared to Askys fashion, artists, character design, final plans and others they are ready to reproduce...Read more