Fashion design

Fashion design is the art

The variation in the types of coverage that can be seen moving. Account at any time with a few changes, color changes people's lives, something that will be just the same customs, beliefs and rituals of the same artistic If the offer. Advertising is everywhere, and the best time is the best suit for ... Among those who favor more rapid fashion to identify who they are. This is the case for the West to design, produce and supply most fashionable fashion spread propaganda and economic aspects of the global media and commerce boom of the economic benefit countries.

The government recently organized fashion statement to be issued by ministries and government agencies, the Ministry of Cooperatives, welfare and industries and mines were required to establish the cooperative, and the granting of facilities state, and Textile manufacturers should be prioritized based on Islamic patterns, many believed it was not possible to implement the legislation, because the fashion tastes of the period derived from short and as fast as it is produced, the will. However, according to the fashion of a reorganization law, the Ministry of Culture is responsible for the project management structure foundation, a committee of 10 people to organize a fashion and clothing.

However, that everything and everyone, from the most private to the public sphere encompasses all our problems, but most seem to accept that they may be visible outside the shop windows icon and type of coverage, and the arrangement Every day is a new form of self. But have you ever wondered what the reason, Where and roots of fashion are essentially good or bad? Many say that the spirit of fashion and clothing choices are a matter of taste and not have someone that certain clothes to wear or to choose a power the only thing that the choice of dress is Fashion.