Game design

What is game design?

Many people think that game design is an art and a talent for it only comes on. They are big names in the gaming industry Mtylk Peter, Braya, and Roberta Williams, and they will appreciate the insight and initiative. People think that game designers spend their time immersed in the dream, but they overlook the actual design of a long and laborious task.Other people who are more mathematically oriented game design as a recognized science.

They are the best way to know the rules of the game of complex equations. For this group, a set of game design techniques and ideas. We believe that both of these views are wrong or at least incomplete. Game design is not only an art, it is primarily a means of aesthetic expression. The game design is not a science. Game design criteria or methods of formal logic is not accurate. The aim of the game is to have fun doing it. Game design creativity and careful planning to be together.

Interactive art is a form of interactive entertainment or as film, television and theater groups are generated and no one can do as an artist of his own. In fact, most designers do not think they are artists in all fields.

The game design is a career as a costume designer in Hollywood. The game includes both artistic and practical elements. Should be beautiful and also very well done and enjoyable to play as well. The biggest game of the combination of these features are brilliant. Achieving quality (in any field) can be summarized in one word: elegance! Indication of a high order of precision craftsmanship.