Graphic design

Graphic effect can be symptoms

It has a long history of visual communication in the broad sense. When early humans would have to hunt for food and animal footprints on his goal, in fact, a sign of visually observing.

Graphic effect can be symptoms, such as letters or other symbols to form a system, such as road signs. Graphic symbols that together form a picture. Select the graphic design profession in one sense or making marks on a surface to convey an idea of ​​their makeup. Graphic art and writing that draws out the main elements of the form. A twentieth century graphic design expertise only interface was introduced. Until then, advertising agencies, corporations and trade was run by artists.

The experts were of the page; compositor title and text with all the details was planned, illustrators, graphic works of any kind of technical charts were prepared to Askys fashion, artists, character design, final plans and others they are ready to reproduce. Graphic designers are now working with the agencies and studios. Not only promotions and ads, but the ads in magazines and newspapers that are printed, they are designed to late nineteenth century works on paper was published in black and white graphics. Over the centuries, little has changed in the graphics core functionality and design may be used in several ways. Introduce or identify the function of graphic design is to say that one thing is? Or from where? Such as signs, building signs, labels on packaging and ...

The second function is the professional term "information design" is known, in the context of awareness and education, and the relationship of one thing with another thing of the location and scale marks. Such as maps, charts. The third function is the distinctive function of both the display and advertising (posters and flyers) to the attention of the audience and the message is persistent.