Interior design

What is interior design?

Interior Design as a profession, an art and an industry worldwide, optimizing the interior spaces of buildings in order to perform the activities of daily life and work, and the meaning set forth in the Oxford Dictionary, the interior decoration is the "harmonious designed to remove the appearance of colors, furniture and other objects in a room or building artistically."

Much of our life is spent in the interior spaces of buildings. These spaces create an environment that meets our basic needs such as shelter and many of our activities that need to take place. Also what gives the soul a building, its interiors. So we can say that the quality of the interior of a direct impact on how our activities are in the same attitude, status and affect our characters.

Accordingly, the internal architecture, improve physical and mental performance of space for comfortable living in it. No architectural or interior design can not be used at all or, if applicable, Performance and optimization will be necessary.