Web design

Site design and content

Online collection of information about a particular topic or subject. Design the layout and structure of web pages is one particular site will create the site. A Web page includes information about the purpose of the site.

Imagine a website like a book, each page of the book will be on the order page.Several aspects must be considered in the design due to the increasing development of Internet, more are added continously. For general commercial sites, including the main they are the following:

Site design and content is based on the title. Content, essence and purpose of the site must comply with a range of sites and is generally a sign that information provided on this site are looking. Site must understand and interact with the audience even less familiar with the web not be easy. If the site is large enough to contain a lot of information to be used in such a way that the guide data is quickly available to be viewed.

After each web page is created, the pages of the directory which is composed of multiple links are connected to each other. When you complete an order for a website to be visible to everyone on the Internet, publish or send (Upload) is.